Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cool Web Design Ideas and Inspirations for Small Business owners in 2014

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If you are a small business owner planning to take the leap of web in 2014, then, this post listing small business website design ideas is made for you. We bring you the best and coolest small business web design inspiration to refer before taking your business, store or yourself online.

Let’s get started then!

Portrait Style Website

Are you a model, artist or photographer interested in targeting people searching for professionals with your set of skills? If yes, then, portrait style website is perfect for you. The whole focus will be on your unique personality and why you are the perfect choice for the job.Portfolio style websites are high on creativity and have fewer pages.

Here is a web design company that creates portrait based websites at just $1000. Check out its affordable design packages

One Page Website

If your business idea and offerings can be explained in few words, then, single page websites are perfect for you. By keeping a sticky navigation bar in the top section of the website, you can help visitors navigate to important sections.

  Zolumns is a reputed single page website company  based out of Islamabad Pakistan, working for small business owners from Australia, USA, UK, & Pakistan.

Minimalistic Design Website

Do you have a limited range of products to show off and are looking for an imaginative design?If yes, then, you can go for minimalistic. However, if you want to sell them online, you need a team of designers that can add ecommerce features.

There are various companies that specialize in small business ecommerce websites but very few give a good deal when it comes to price. Zolumns meida is known for offering the best design price to small business owners. Check out ecommerce website design packages for better cost idea.

While your small business website obviously deserves the best design, a lot depends on your business idea and goals as well. Discuss your website project with us for free consultation and guidance. We will tell you exactly what you need. |